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Singapore is one of the Fishermen in the Net Came up Terribly Strange Creatures

Singapore is one of the strange creatures came up in the net of a fisherman, which no one had seen before, at least not like that idea was in the jail. Surprised at the idea of jail, he tackles the sea animals from the aliens, or has found a new species. Singapore's Santos Island, near the place to go fishing, the net came up with this animal. Creature  actually? When thinking about reading about the hair, then made a decision, it's awesome to see the video on Facebook by offering to pay, you will not recognize the fact that his animal friends.
Wong, the 54-year-old Han Boon sea diversified from all animals at the touch of life in prison, he was never the people around him to be able to move like octopus creatures of this kind of experience was horrible. Facebook is offering the video after the huge response; the mirrors are in touch with the fishermen. Mirror Boon said in an interview, when the net I see the animal, he became totally perplexed.
In an interview, he said, although neither may not recognize the animal, then I will take the right, it is a resident alien, or a new species. However, the marine biologist Dr. Sydney Australia: Will phiguira closure of the prison gave all the speculation; he learned the name of animal "Basket Star ', the Star Fish Star Fish brittle starfish classify animals and animals around. Yes they are usually mobility and catch prey. Which makes them dangerous? source : online news site .