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           What is Corning Gorilla Glass?

With the advancement of information technology is changing our cell phone. Taking over smart phones, and tablets phablet. These devices are an important part of the 'display'. Depending on the design of the display is made. Anything that moves the display to display Protected. Protection means to display the current time, “corning Gorilla Glass". In fact, “Corning Gorilla Glass," in fact, the use of it, that is why many of us are not clear about it. Today, I'll share with you why “Corning Gorilla Glass," the pulse of the stars.

1. What corning Gorilla Glass? :
Gorilla Glass is made of compounds of Alkali-aluminosilicate strong and powerful display protector. Which smart phone screen blur, cut, scour protection, even a hammer to hit hard? And if you use Gorilla Glass display and the touch response is much better. Processed ingredients of this glass can be used again. Gorilla Glass is one of the production processes with Anti-Bacterial available Anti-Bacterial agents 'silver ions' mixing. The result is usually a certain bacteria grown Touch screen can destroy up to 99.9%.

2. Where and who are using?
 Gorilla Glass typical smart phone, tablet, phablet, notebook, marker boards and giant internal architecture is used. Currently, Motorola, Samsung and Apple, LG, HTC, Nokia's most famous manufacturers-companies are using their smart phone screen. This is good news that our country is the most popular Walton Symphony smart phone using Gorilla Glass.

3 .Manufacturers and Version:
Gorilla Glass Companies “corning ". There are 3 types of market Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass 1, Gorilla Glass II, Gorilla Glass 3 has been established in order to stage it in the name of the settlement. The third version of the work of glass and light, usually from injury d Display hit the nail to protect and display the ability to touch the better. Gorilla Glass is relatively weak because 1 is not used anymore. At present it is the most used version of Gorilla Glass. This display has the ability to withstand pressure Gorilla good quality glass is the latest version of Gorilla Glass 3. This great touch response corresponding display phone is available. The display of the hammer hitting the can withstand any kind of sketch or nail hit display gives protection up to 99%. The display of the phone is used corresponding to their price, and more.

4. Benefits :
1. Protects nails hit
2. Stain, scratch, scour protection
3. Relatively light can protect from injury display
4. Bacteria were changing Gorilla Glass
5. Enable protection against germs
6. Great Touch Response is available
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