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Beautiful Land Of World

Deadvlei, Namibia

Do not have any pictures of the painting. These Deadvlei photographs. This Deadvlei turns the trees stand in contrast to the world's highest dunes. Once the deep forest. Now the desert.

Grand prismatic Hot Spring, wyoming America

Grand Prison mystic Hot Spring in America's biggest hot water pond. Dye is a kind of bacteria in the water, because there is such a deep red color of its water. Plenty of water and mineral elements that have emerged from these organisms are around them.

sea of stars vaadhoo island Maldives

Showed normal daylight, at night, the beach became a living. A special type of marine bacteria or plankton are burning on the beach at night. They filled space seems like the beach at night.

Antelope canyon Arizona USA

The idea is that, in a few million years ago, the canyon was formed by water flow. To reach the bottom of the light is less than it seems more profound. The walls can be seen in a variety of different time.

Skaftafell  Ice Key On, Iceland

When the flow of water inside the hole in the ice at the end of the glacial ice caves or Ice Key On are made temporarily. The Ice Key On very cramped inside. Inside there is a small amount of air. And more in the cave, the walls absorb all light except blue. As a result, the snow here is an interesting color.

Reed flute cave, china

This is the most interesting place in the last 1200 years, china Guilin cave 40 meters. It stalactites, stalagmite, pillar was created as a result of water erosion. These are highlighted with different colors of light.

Sentinels of the Arctic, Finland

Sentinels or large trees covered with ice. Only in the winter when the temperature is -15 to -40 ° C and then this strange scene in the US can be found in Finland.

Mountains in Tianjin, China

It could be a very long and thin and the mountains somewhere in the outer world. Avatar film James Cameron's use of these mountains. The idea is that, beneath the sea was formed 380 million years ago mountain . Water flow created by the surrounding sand stones were destroyed. Only the tough survive Rock. The length of any mountain 4000 feet high from the surface of the sea.

               Salar de uyuni Bolivia

The rainy season is the world's largest salt flat in the world's biggest mirror. Transmitted together with a number of ancient Lake Salas deUyuni born.These salts act as a mirror-flat, very transparent. Satellite power and is used for diagnosis. source : online news site.