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                         Google Services

 1. Notes and reminders to Google there is an App called "Google Kip." It works on desktop and Smartphone.

II. Google to create the timer and the timer word to write it. The time. And when it will tell you without words.

3. Hubble Space Telescope images can be found on Google. Check the details on the type of browser

4. Using Google anagrams 5.7 million books since 1500 up to 2014 words of any Can be found time.
5. A number of rock stars? The number of words you want to write? Google, type the number, type = English.

6. Using a feature called Google Translate manual translation of the Chinese language can be a difficult words.

7. Google Input Tools can be used to type in more than 80 languages.

8. Google has the ability to find the font of mind. This type

9. Use Google Scholar to find journals and papers have been much easier.

10. Google Art Project using the world's most famous films in high resolution version can be found in the entire museum.

11. To get married, but can be taken to help Google. And because of the Google system.

12. Google's 'Think Insights' tool that no An Industry details.

13. Want to know the people at a particular point of interest? Using Google Trends to find out what search.
14. You can learn to change the terms of the search at Google.

15. Google Express, a service user's home Reach food, electronics, books and other Materials. But it now Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, New York City and California has some of the on the.

16. Add your photos to a specific location on Google maps can see by clicking on the others.source : online .