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    Mummy girls that making body whose hobbies

The historian. He wrote 13 books on the history of Russia. Speaking at the Museum of her fame. He can speak 13 languages fluently. Falls far Anatole maraschino anyone can think about? Knowledgeable historians, scholars, who has returned to society. If the concept of partial truth. He is intelligent and wise, no doubt about it. But he finds a strange hobby all astounding.

What are his hobbies?
 3 to bring the house up to bury the remains of 12-year-old girl he was with the doll spell! Only this was not the end. And control of the sort of house. This is with the family historian. Anatole was born and control the Party. Mummy took home the remains of about 150 and had made. Mummy had songs about. He held up the video. But none of this feat Anatolia prefers to be alone if you do not have to know the parents told him to retreat. One day he would come home. This is usually done after seeing the police said. House searches and took some video and Mummy Police recovered. Anatole was arrested with her. In search of the bodies were taken to the home too at a nearby graveyard. Anatoly also said to lie down in a coffin. Physical examination revealed that he was mentally ill. The court hearing the judge ruled the mental home. source : online news site .


Singapore is one of the Fishermen in the Net Came up Terribly Strange Creatures

Singapore is one of the strange creatures came up in the net of a fisherman, which no one had seen before, at least not like that idea was in the jail. Surprised at the idea of jail, he tackles the sea animals from the aliens, or has found a new species. Singapore's Santos Island, near the place to go fishing, the net came up with this animal. Creature  actually? When thinking about reading about the hair, then made a decision, it's awesome to see the video on Facebook by offering to pay, you will not recognize the fact that his animal friends.
Wong, the 54-year-old Han Boon sea diversified from all animals at the touch of life in prison, he was never the people around him to be able to move like octopus creatures of this kind of experience was horrible. Facebook is offering the video after the huge response; the mirrors are in touch with the fishermen. Mirror Boon said in an interview, when the net I see the animal, he became totally perplexed.
In an interview, he said, although neither may not recognize the animal, then I will take the right, it is a resident alien, or a new species. However, the marine biologist Dr. Sydney Australia: Will phiguira closure of the prison gave all the speculation; he learned the name of animal "Basket Star ', the Star Fish Star Fish brittle starfish classify animals and animals around. Yes they are usually mobility and catch prey. Which makes them dangerous? source : online news site .


           What is Corning Gorilla Glass?

With the advancement of information technology is changing our cell phone. Taking over smart phones, and tablets phablet. These devices are an important part of the 'display'. Depending on the design of the display is made. Anything that moves the display to display Protected. Protection means to display the current time, “corning Gorilla Glass". In fact, “Corning Gorilla Glass," in fact, the use of it, that is why many of us are not clear about it. Today, I'll share with you why “Corning Gorilla Glass," the pulse of the stars.

1. What corning Gorilla Glass? :
Gorilla Glass is made of compounds of Alkali-aluminosilicate strong and powerful display protector. Which smart phone screen blur, cut, scour protection, even a hammer to hit hard? And if you use Gorilla Glass display and the touch response is much better. Processed ingredients of this glass can be used again. Gorilla Glass is one of the production processes with Anti-Bacterial available Anti-Bacterial agents 'silver ions' mixing. The result is usually a certain bacteria grown Touch screen can destroy up to 99.9%.

2. Where and who are using?
 Gorilla Glass typical smart phone, tablet, phablet, notebook, marker boards and giant internal architecture is used. Currently, Motorola, Samsung and Apple, LG, HTC, Nokia's most famous manufacturers-companies are using their smart phone screen. This is good news that our country is the most popular Walton Symphony smart phone using Gorilla Glass.

3 .Manufacturers and Version:
Gorilla Glass Companies “corning ". There are 3 types of market Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass 1, Gorilla Glass II, Gorilla Glass 3 has been established in order to stage it in the name of the settlement. The third version of the work of glass and light, usually from injury d Display hit the nail to protect and display the ability to touch the better. Gorilla Glass is relatively weak because 1 is not used anymore. At present it is the most used version of Gorilla Glass. This display has the ability to withstand pressure Gorilla good quality glass is the latest version of Gorilla Glass 3. This great touch response corresponding display phone is available. The display of the hammer hitting the can withstand any kind of sketch or nail hit display gives protection up to 99%. The display of the phone is used corresponding to their price, and more.

4. Benefits :
1. Protects nails hit
2. Stain, scratch, scour protection
3. Relatively light can protect from injury display
4. Bacteria were changing Gorilla Glass
5. Enable protection against germs
6. Great Touch Response is available
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The first is the physical relationship of the Scottish lake

Only the soul that Origin water on the floor, not that. Scientists claim that 'a lot more' water came up from the bottom. Of the physical relationship. The original concept of the international team of researchers have identified a sexual relationship. Based on the fossils found recently confirmed that they were somehow, Scotland, at least 385 million years ago from a lake on the floor today, the first of the kind in the world, enjoy the pleasures of sex as animals fish .This name is now extinct Micro bacteria Dicki aquatic scientists claimed that the creation of the first Sexual acts. The waters of life, which is normal, the ovule fertilized with sperm in the water instead of this species to the aquatic physical relations course .Australia's Flanders University Professor John Long said, of the system of the fertilized ovum in the finally. Long has been found, this species of aquatic research is a fossil of a part of them in danger. And they cannot understand the male reproductive organs of the aquatic species. And the sex of the fish egg met and women would spread his sperm in it. This is a significant step in the history of the evolution of discovery, the scientists say. Researcher and professor at the University of Oxford. Mad Friedman said, "Such fossils are rarely known. It has been found in other locations around the world, not even. However, it was found in the lake in Scotland. It is really memorable. We never felt before such a thing. source : BBC online .


Beautiful Land Of World

Deadvlei, Namibia

Do not have any pictures of the painting. These Deadvlei photographs. This Deadvlei turns the trees stand in contrast to the world's highest dunes. Once the deep forest. Now the desert.

Grand prismatic Hot Spring, wyoming America

Grand Prison mystic Hot Spring in America's biggest hot water pond. Dye is a kind of bacteria in the water, because there is such a deep red color of its water. Plenty of water and mineral elements that have emerged from these organisms are around them.

sea of stars vaadhoo island Maldives

Showed normal daylight, at night, the beach became a living. A special type of marine bacteria or plankton are burning on the beach at night. They filled space seems like the beach at night.

Antelope canyon Arizona USA

The idea is that, in a few million years ago, the canyon was formed by water flow. To reach the bottom of the light is less than it seems more profound. The walls can be seen in a variety of different time.

Skaftafell  Ice Key On, Iceland

When the flow of water inside the hole in the ice at the end of the glacial ice caves or Ice Key On are made temporarily. The Ice Key On very cramped inside. Inside there is a small amount of air. And more in the cave, the walls absorb all light except blue. As a result, the snow here is an interesting color.

Reed flute cave, china

This is the most interesting place in the last 1200 years, china Guilin cave 40 meters. It stalactites, stalagmite, pillar was created as a result of water erosion. These are highlighted with different colors of light.

Sentinels of the Arctic, Finland

Sentinels or large trees covered with ice. Only in the winter when the temperature is -15 to -40 ° C and then this strange scene in the US can be found in Finland.

Mountains in Tianjin, China

It could be a very long and thin and the mountains somewhere in the outer world. Avatar film James Cameron's use of these mountains. The idea is that, beneath the sea was formed 380 million years ago mountain . Water flow created by the surrounding sand stones were destroyed. Only the tough survive Rock. The length of any mountain 4000 feet high from the surface of the sea.

               Salar de uyuni Bolivia

The rainy season is the world's largest salt flat in the world's biggest mirror. Transmitted together with a number of ancient Lake Salas deUyuni born.These salts act as a mirror-flat, very transparent. Satellite power and is used for diagnosis. source : online news site.


            interesting Cricket news

1 . Who was the first out of the TV umpire, you know? Legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar! Who was the run-out? World-renowned fielder Jonty Rhodes. The next day in the same Test match umpire Jonty Rhodes to run out and he was run out of a coincidence, but the truth is Sachin Tendulkar.

2. Australia beat England by 45 runs in the first Test match in 1887; exactly 100 years after his 100th Test match against Australia beat England by 45 runs.

3 . 1975 World Cup ODI batsman Sunil Gavaskar Indian batting first 60 over’s, 36 runs scored Mae. Interval of 203 runs, India lost the match.

4 . 4 of cricket cricket laws, which have been formulated on the basis of discussion with the main cricketing nations Marylebone Cricket Club. Some modifications were made to the laws of cricket; all with just a change in the law is the length of the principal shareholders of the cricket pitch.

5 . Shahid AFRIDI its fastest ODI century, Waqar Younis, who borrowed from using the bat.

6 . Baseball called American Cricket. Cricket is the game of baseball is the same, but there are slight differences, such as the cricket player’s some Baseball 9, and 11. Cricket is generally nine innings in two innings in a baseball game on the other side.

7 . One of the longest matches of cricket in England and South Africa in 1939, 14 days after the match was announced as the match ended in a tie.

8 . The one-day international cricket player Muttiah Muralitharan dhoron only one there was an innings and 51 runs in 9 wickets costs. 6 July 1956 on the other side of Test cricket test match in two innings, England had 19 wickets Laker gyms to spin. He sat up 90 runs in two innings of 68 over’s was 19 wickets. The average of the cross-over 132, in the 68 over’s he was about 7 Maiden over.

9 . Alan Davidson is one of the first players in Australia's Test match batting 100 runs and took 10 wickets and bowling. source : online .


                   Interesting News

1. American Mrs. Lauren 37 years 58 days lived in an iron lung.

2 .Wheeler Park, California, has a pine tree 5000 years old.

3 . Instead of interfacing the Japanese people would cover their whole body tattoos art.

4 . The eggs are produced in the United States by a net across the world can be made.

5 . Testing has shown moon rocks of the 4720-year-old.

6 . Brain does not feel any pain; no pain does not even cut it.

7 . Women than men with the rapid pace of the heart is beating.

8 . Norway, from May to July, the sun never sets.

9 . 5 billion years the sun as they age. It will remain more than 5 billion years.

10 . India was the old name Jambudvīpa.

11 . The first American President George Washington was bound to use teeth.

12 . Our eye muscles to move at least 100000 times.

13 . There is a tunnel under the River Thames in England.

14 . Leonardo Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" has no eyebrows.

15 . Going to the market is the full name of the puppet Barbie barbara millicent roberts.

16 . The ants do not sleep ever.

17 . Since birth, but our nose and ears, big eyes are equal in size.

18 . When the moon is directly above our heads and our weight decreases slightly.

19 . Alexander Graham Bell and his mother nor his wife ever did. Because they were both deaf.

20 . An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.

21 . Bowl-shaped bone in the knee patella what children are not born with it.

22 . English Happy birthday song has ownership.

23 . Butterflies taste with his feet were.

24 . Eyes cannot snore open left.

25 . Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump.

26 . The shortest period of Earth's history was fought in 1896 between England and Zanzibar.
Zanzibar surrendered after 38 minutes of the start of the fight.

27 . The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue. source : online .


                        Peacock Dress

Wedding dress full of peacock feathers. Some Chinese craftsmen have dazzling garments. It took about two months to make a garment. This wardrobe price is set at US $ 1.5 million.

                   The Guitar Tornado

The guitar tornado German artist Trimpin’s extremely popular is a masterpiece. Occurrence of different styles and sizes of the country and abroad have been in great shape, this guitar is the guitar work of art. How many guitars are playing with all of the large Guitars? This guitar is in use remote touch screen practices. Practices, which includes the multi-guitar player seduced visitors.

              Brass Van - Heaviest Art Car

The car in the world, as well as the ideas of who are heavy and h paraphernalia. Hunter guessing the car owner. Twenty years it took to complete the car decoration. More than 15,000 different types of coins and the car has been used Show Pitch. Vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds. Due to very heavy 4000 per km run is to change the wheels. Apart from other time during the use of the owner of the vehicle is kept in the Museum of Arizona. US $ 350,000 in the current market price car.

                          Nevada Shoe Tree

Shoe tree is very popular with tourist’s helm then. This plant is located in the state of America's helm then. Cottonwood tree located next to the highway 70 feet in height. Pedestrians crossing tree wearing them while tying shoes Plant left. Who first introduced, it is not known accurately. However, due to the action of a woman believed to be started. The prejudice and curious if others do so. The inhabitants of the villages are very angry. Because of their ideas, their business is one of the causes of the recession that is committed to the tree. source : online news site.


             Rat Excrement Being Made Cigarettes

With the money you know that cigarette smoking is the key? Surely you know, cut tobacco leaves are mixed with a few elements related with the filter paper to wrap the cigarette burn in the cylinder is made. But there are not many cigarettes in rats crap! According to a study institution happening. Cigarettes are available cheaply in the market, consisting of the inner element has been tested in mice crap. The University of Sydney, Professor Simon Chapman has more awesome information. He says, is to use a cigarette filter the blood of pigs. Citing a study by the Netherlands, said the study is the use of factories producing cigarettes Is - 185 swine blood. Because of the important components of blood hemoglobin in cigarette filter is used. Simon Chapman said, cigarette producers and companies are using the secret key elements in keeping with the greater complexity of the statement has been created. They say, it is their business and they will not trade shattering revelation.
He says, the Netherlands, the study - of hemoglobin from the blood of pigs, it is used to filter cigarettes. Greece has acknowledged that the use of a cigarette manufacturer pig hemoglobin. Earlier it was known, cheap cigarettes contain the asbestos and dead flies. Consider now the key to a happy state of mind puffs with money. source : online news site.


                         Google Services

 1. Notes and reminders to Google there is an App called "Google Kip." It works on desktop and Smartphone.

II. Google to create the timer and the timer word to write it. The time. And when it will tell you without words.

3. Hubble Space Telescope images can be found on Google. Check the details on the type of browser

4. Using Google anagrams 5.7 million books since 1500 up to 2014 words of any Can be found time.
5. A number of rock stars? The number of words you want to write? Google, type the number, type = English.

6. Using a feature called Google Translate manual translation of the Chinese language can be a difficult words.

7. Google Input Tools can be used to type in more than 80 languages.

8. Google has the ability to find the font of mind. This type

9. Use Google Scholar to find journals and papers have been much easier.

10. Google Art Project using the world's most famous films in high resolution version can be found in the entire museum.

11. To get married, but can be taken to help Google. And because of the Google system.

12. Google's 'Think Insights' tool that no An Industry details.

13. Want to know the people at a particular point of interest? Using Google Trends to find out what search.
14. You can learn to change the terms of the search at Google.

15. Google Express, a service user's home Reach food, electronics, books and other Materials. But it now Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, New York City and California has some of the on the.

16. Add your photos to a specific location on Google maps can see by clicking on the others.source : online .


              The Internet is a waste of time

1. Google Games: out of Google's search engine does not seem to mind. There is some Viewing. Many situations that do not sit and play games. This work brings nothing more than a waste of time.

II. To leave a message: the time to post another one likes to sit on the Face book. Social media, like the friend to post the sample is limited. Like any work of the sitting day.

3. Mess around social media: do not need to do the work. So one by one to hang around social media is a means of lots of wasted time. Relationship with a boyfriend went to the problem; he gave another strong like a film.

4. With Google Earth on the road: Google this service is plenty of time to waste. If you do not work in an area of the map of the country, trying to understand his own country to visit in the area on Google Earth became quite amusing.

5. YouTube Video Views: to spend time and watch the video on YouTube. One by one to see the video will take a longer time to cut. If you do not do the job without just enough time to be wasted.

6. Spending time in the game: There are some games that are not playing your liquor. But to spend leisure time in these games can be played one after another. Twinkling of an eye will not lose much time.

7. Pointless to read the article: There is a lack of social media or internet writers. Maybe if you find something meaningful in the text. Inflation does not worry writing pointless waste of time, but the time spent actually nothing than not. source : online  .



1. Electric light on a person's skin when thunder caused a bit of a rash Rash the trees Like. This taste or color is red rash.

II. Thunder caused when electricity flows through the trees in a tree is generated so much heat that the tree branches split goes. Many smokes can be seen through the cracks.

3. Not. Because, thunder occur without electric power is generated, before we see the light, and then heard the sound of thunder.

4. Thunder power generated as a result of falling to the ground, if there is sand or rock, but the electricity is carried away thereto then it turned into fossils Are. World such fossils are scattered in different locations.

5. Lake Maracaibo South America several times a year, about 300 times a second in Thunder Occurs. Ever Occurs. Last thunder vulnerable areas have been recognized as the best in the world this year, the lake.

6. Thunder the panic or fear is in many called him, Agoraphobia. Altitude and animals caused by panic in America is a well-known danger of lightning. source : online .


                       April Fools

Who is the first day of the month of April, we say April Fools. This April fool’s is in our various plans. How can people be fooled by the many Thought day began. So today is a little more careful. The report showed a greater surprise; guess what, you can go at any time, if not April Fools. April flowers are the odds of history. Queen Isabella of Spain, during the period when many Muslims were killed on this day Muslims bluffed. However, some of the highlights of the April fool are Glory. A: - According to Wikipedia, the 13th day of the New Year according to the Iranian Zoroastrian calendar is fun to enjoy. The Gregorian calendar days of April 1 and April are similar. According to historians, in 1564, France introduced a new calendar; it is the center of the beginning of April fool’s Day. April 1st of the calendar,the first day of the New Year is calculated as the 1st January decisions some people oppose him. Who, according to the old calendar April 1stYear 1st day had been counting the days, they would be awarded every year on 1st April Fool. The Poisson France abhrila (poisson d'avril) is celebrated and the relationship with the fish. Fry hatch out in early April. These children are caught fish easily bluffed. They played on April 1 Poisson de ebhrila the April fish. On that day, kids and other kids hanging out on the paper fish to their knowledge. When the others saw it as the Poisson abhrila the cry. Poet Chaucer Kyantara Bari tails (1392), the book is found to this day in Nanasa Priest tail.Two: - 1492's during the time of Queen Isabella oppression Muslims tend to be brutal, the last of which is the first of April, 1492. This was done ruthless husband Ferdinand, Queen Isabella. He speaks in simple to save the Muslims; had its cruel plot. Ferdinand was announced, the Muslim Granada and take refuge in mosques, they are safe. Millions of Muslims took refuge in mosques. Ferdinand then they closed the door and set it on fire all the mosques. Three days of the festival started killing. Ferdinand Body burns smell smiled impressed. He said, Oh Muslim! If you are April fool (April fools). Three: Ancient Romans used to celebrate the New Year on April 1. The New Year was observed in most of Europe on March 25. In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII to replace the old Julian calendar, and commanded the new Gregorian calendar. The calendar is accepted as 1 January Year. Took it to France and New Year 1 January changed. It is described as the most popular, is the change in people who reject or are unsure about the changes. And they began to celebrate the New Year on April 1. Other people were jeers of these traditional people. They cried, and their home is not fool be traveling. And they were constantly to convince others of the wrong. Four: bostana University Professor of History of the reign of Joseph Baskina descriptionsKansatyan king Farceur King of Rome said that they will be able to manage his kingdom from the well. Surprised he had ruled the Clown Kugela day. Kugela days spent the strange, bizarre acts. From that day had become a yearly tradition. Five: -Another doctrine that makes people feels happy spring. During the spring, people were having fun with each other. It is proved that it was a day of many civilizations that would be fun to make fools of each other, which was the beginning of April, and went 1-for two weeks. Romans 25 March, a day that was observed On that day Ethise renascence they were cheering for. HlaRhea A Day they called. Holy is celebrated as a day that Hindus. The Jews celebrate Purim. The reason our expectations wherever theory on April Fools walks of society, because we do not want to live truly stupid cantos. source :online news site .


                     Underground City

Underground cities are found in many countries around the world. However, everyone is different from the Turkish Darrin queue. Here is all of the benefit of a city underground in another town. Turkey’s diverse historic stone mountains Cappadocia popular among the tourists. Archaeological ruins and culturally Cappadocia patterns have different names. Cappadocia Landscape people and nature together to create the most beautiful landscapes are called. The low-lying Derinkuyu  Cappadocia has developed a unique one city in the world. Range up to 60 meters below ground Derinkuyu city. About 20 thousand people currently living there. I went back to 700 AD. Originally inhabited by people from outside the country to protect themselves from attacks and the war in a city built below ground. They soon realized that they need to look for a place where everyone can live invisibly. From the idea that they would have made the inhabitants of a city. The town is the gateway 600. There are large rooms, chambers, facility. The whole city is a large rock from the inside to keep the door closed. Each floor can even hold off separately. The whole city is like a labyrinth Architectural style. Unauthorized access to the city is quite difficult. source : online news site.


                   Harvard sex education

The precedent built with healthy and scientific sex lessons Traditional Harvard University. On Tuesday, a special meeting was held on the University's behalf Ass Copulation. 'Alternative mating "of the information is to be discussed there. Students need to be aware of the details of sex Week is celebrated every year at Harvard. This year, sexually workshop was organized at the University of Analysis and interpretation of many controversial Ass Copulation Studying. However, at the rectum and the health systems are discussed. The greatest happiness is the kind of sexual intercourse; the participants exchanged views about the workshop. Moreover, it suggests that the sexual partner of the key ways, Ass Copulation favors sex-toys, etc. It is known that the various discussions. Workshop to introduce the statement was made on behalf of entrepreneurs, people Ass Copulation to remove the misunderstandings, and analytically information on this topic is given in this workshop. However, the traditional Harvard University has expressed his displeasure over controversial topics studying part workshop. Clear one student said, the famous school of Harvard University to discuss any issues and could not be found, it is hard to imagine.source :Bureau of New England .