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                          James bond

1953  A breakthrough happened in the world of books. Ian Fleming was the first James Bond novel Casino Royal was published. Then the rest is history. Remember, the Internet, television, and even on mobile phones could dream of. At that time the whole world is a book, to the utter some fuss. However, today, almost six decades, from the 1953 James Bond is still the same attraction, besides. Is still relevant. 8 to eighty, everyone's favorite spy. It contains a lot of information unknown to the voyeur in me, which is essential Bond fans might not know.

Fleming James Bond named as a bird to exercise:
One of the best Spy name was the name of the bird to exercise creator Ian Fleming. In an article he wrote, 'Casino Royal, wrote in 1953 when he wanted to name Protagonist be quiet. So childhood reading a book hero's name is the name of the author of bird F. West Indies reserve James Bond. The bond must have thanked me for using the name of a letter. '
Pierce Brosnan The Deadliest Bond:
Looks are not the only reason, really all Brosnan dangerous Bond Pierce. ‘Sky Fall ' James Bond film released until the end of the movie death over 354 people. Alone, 135 people were killed in Pierce.
Scottish Bond since Shawn coronary:
Shaun of the most successful Bond did not like the movie screen coronary Ian Fleming. But after seeing his performance on Dr. no change was like. Williams was so impressed that he was acting "in the UK only leave Twice 'Scottish Bond book was made (because Shawn was Scottish himself). More wrote, James Home Scotland Glenako town. Later Shawn coronary 'hailyandara' photo shoot,

The theme song to the tune of a failed music available:
The James Bond name was identified with its background music. guitar without the bands 'Bond’ faded. To the tune of the song, the song is available for an eventual failure. The song was composed by Norman Monty. The theme can be heard in the first film, Dr. No.
Q-'is characterized:
And fans of the Bond series, Q, and M is the name of two very familiar to them. Q- This specialist's role in keeping a pistol Fleming made. Geoffrey betrayed his real name. He wrote a letter Fleming Bond expressed dissatisfaction with the weapon. Even also said the fact that Bond movies are using a pistol, usually women who are using. After his 'Dr No' was the advent of movies Q-. There was a character in the name Geoffrey bothered.
Screenplay writing children's literature:
Bonds of the type of life that no one ever can guess, that movie were sort of writing the screenplay writers for a child! 'UK Only leaves twice' screenplay writing producer Albert Broccoli and Harry salesman radio turned to pulses. Rolda famous children's literature, such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, James and the Giant of the pitch as the creator of the book.
Clint Eastwood is:
Shawn coronary announced his retirement from the Bond character, he thought of the new Bond franchise as Clint Eastwood. But Bond 'Americans' Clint was not interested. Clint said in an interview, "They offered me good money. But I thought, it occurred Americans performing bond. So let's not. "
Looks for bonds contributed singer:
Bond will look like, it is a thought. Ian Fleming James Bond to describe and compare the appearance of the US singer with Hoagie Carmichael said. Carmichael had seen the film to believe should not be too much of a problem.source: online news site.