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                       Lake Na-tron

Tanzania's remote wilderness of Africa. Scarlet land lying across the horizon | Blood of the striking colors. The light reflected from the land of the eyes blind. The error goes to the birds and animals. not much time to go nigh. She before they become clogged stones. Because it is a land of. The Lakes. The color red for the extra bacteria . Plenty soda, and salt water so bad absence, came into contact with the creatures to stone. Nitro doe's name of this lake. Scientists are Lake Water around the hill Lots of bacteria are deposited in. Have well water or excessively Alkali. Which is the main source of sodium carbonate . Water pH Balance 10.5. Na-tron lake edges Nick went to walk along Photographers Bran data. The cameras caught him fossils to become one of the birds and other Animals. Sodium was used in ancient Egypt. Corpse for Mummy. That Material stored here Include in the body of animals. Distorted
Do not look for them. Just flesh and blood Instead, he and stone. Additional base some of the effects are going to burn the eyes of animals and Leather. The how and why animals Not yet fully since the death of Scientists. It's still a mystery. But it is not just the death. The lake is an important contribution The ecosystem there. Because this lake and the adjacent
Area extinct Laser Pluming Breeding Place. Those these have water Bacteria the main diet of birds. Moreover the red Staying germ-variety of lakes Rare earth. Lake water and intense heat. Around 140 natural warmth ° F .poison purple on the chest Water and stain-bodies animals Lying about the nature of the Medusa, Lake Na-tron . source : online news site.