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                      Bull-Running Festival

Spain's bull-running festival Pamplona town and the whole world is one of the most discussed events in Spain. Since 1911 is coming to fight bulls and the people and the power of the test at a dangerous adventure festival. Spain is not just the men, from different parts of the world to join in the festivities every Pamplona Adventures luxurious was gathered. Festivals in Spain filled with enough love it. July to week. Get the feed in the morning after the night ... bulls look Dement before-after racing them. Then the fighting bull’s airline dragging in combat matador there. Altogether this is to look festive. So far 15 people have been killed in the dangerous game. Every year, the annual festival of the Bull Run in two-four people were injured in Spain Pamplona. But the man did not fall much enthusiasm, but its popularity is growing from strength.