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Google has revealed for man's sexual desires. The Telegraph has a report.Google knows many facts about the human search. Any of the people from any country to search for love online, there are also known to Google. For example, the flu scare has spread among the people of those areas, they are more about the Google search is over. Google has recently been created curiosity about homosexuality worldwide. Homosexuality is a result of Google search has started a lot of people outside Europe. Pakistanis have seen significant interest in the case, sources said. However, 98 percent of the people think that homosexuality is unacceptable. While the Kenyans showed considerable curiosity, that 9 percent of people in the country against homosexuality. A Google search came up, Pakistan is the most commonly inquired about homosexuality. According to Google Trends, searches gay sex pictures Pakistan third. Kenya and South Africa in the first position.source : The Telegraph