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                       Facebook fake ID

With many different people in this type of fraud has opened a fake ID. Many of these have been damaged by a fake ID came crashing in. We can however easily identify the Facebook fake ID.
1 : Profile picture :-
An effective way to detect a fake Facebook profile picture is the best way to meet the profile. Most fake profiles are given picture very beautiful pictures of women or men handsome. In most cases, however, the picture quality is very bad. Do not have too much of this kind of profile profile picture. Numbered 10/1 at the profile picture is a photo album and more. In this image you can see the image on Google image search is also available anywhere. Google image search is most often seen in the pictures of Pakistani actresses and Tamil hero was made with a profile picture.
2 : Photo album :-
Photo albums are not usually fake Facebook profile. Photo albums that are on different occasions in a real profile is fake profiles. Though his photo album rather than the flowers, the birds, the natural scene images into the album keeps a fake profile holder.
3 : Comments exchanges with friends :-
The original Facebook profile picture with a normal way of status and comments are exchanged. But the fake Facebook profiles to make such comments are exchanged and conversations. Status fake profiles or comment on the photo below, but it is just word of praise.Cannot be any other type of fake profiles Converse.
4 : Friend list :-
Seek to identify a fake Facebook profile view friend list. Friend list, if you are to understand that most people fake profiles of the opposite sex. Add your own sex and the opposite sex, because in the original profile is a balance.
5 : Basic Information : -
Most fake profiles, often in schools, colleges, universities and employment data are not available. Which sometimes gives the names of all the schools and colleges do not exist. Again, like many other schools and colleges have been named, but there is no Batch-met tags. Also have written a batch was not even there.