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                    Cursed Hope Diamond

Hope Diamond, the world's most sensational diamond. Called one of the most thrilling diamonds in the world. Diamond was one of the first temples in India. The carat weight is approximately 112. Form of a large, bright. Priests guarded it. In 1608 a French tourist who ignores cuff watches "Jean-Baptist Ta-vernier escaped by stealing it. Emperor of France, Louis XIV bought it in .1668. The king of France is used, it would have been lifted. Damn tourists came into his life that was stolen diamond. Some forasmuch barbaric dogs tore him to the hill. Who gave it to his girlfriend Marcuse Emperor Louis? Embarrassment diamond since-E starts. The accident happened several times that night. Then the king gave the sixteenth Atayaneta diamond queen. The queen is killed at the end of history guillotine. After thirty years of Holland there was a diamond jewel dealer. For his son to go into the business loss few years. Gave the boy to steal the Hope Diamond to a French businessman Beulur. A few days after he committed suicide. Blur and understand the opportunity to sell another jewel trader (Italian) near. One day later, the death of Beulur. Accidentally famous banker Family 'harsher' goes for the diamond. According to the disposition diamond life master of the house was taken. A family quarrel is created. Boys are a different Utopian escape from the house due to some Reasons. In the end, the house was sold to the Members of the Turkish Sultan Ha-mid. Abdul Ha-mid, Gupta was killed by a handful. With 180,000 pound diamond-rich Habibur buy. He is mysterious death. To which it has been miserable in his life to leave the Earth and even the owner of this item has its. 'Hope Diamond' s why she is cursed in the doorway of the mysteries yet to be tapped 112-carat Hope's hands turn in different countries-continents-person pulled up at a 45 carat decimal 5. It is now Washington's Smithsonian Museum. In 1949, Harry Winston Jewelers glorious diamond jewelry company donated the museum One study in .1965 ultraviolet ray radiation of light color was red, like a hot coal. Which happened at any other diamond. The Museum of Natural History Director Christian syampara said, "Hope is a gift for the world. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the diamond, we've a Museum). Harry Winston Jewelers diamond jewelry at the prestigious institution 50 years ago to give the museum  source : online news site.