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                  Pen Price 1 Million Dollar

French luxury manufacturers 'Hermes' recently partnered with Australian and Japanese one organization has created a pen. More than one Million at the pen name 'harms Nautilus. The Business Insider has a report. Various products of the past have made valuable harms pen manufacturer. Such products include various stationery products, leather mouse pad, pencil etc. But the brand's 177-year history, they were the first to create a pen. The pen is available in 2009 manufacturing enterprises. quick their views on the matters of the pen is considered crucial. Not just the French organization at the back of the pen. They have joined the Australian designer Firm Mark News and Business Pilot with Japanese writing-instruments. There is additional key Pen Million price? However, there are simple and general writing system Pen! According to the manufacturers, it's smoother and curved lines. In addition, there is no clips Pen. There are no hidden charges, which would turn the barrels are out. A pen made of aluminum and stainless steel. Version 1 of the pen Ball Pen Fountain Pen version will cost 350 dollars, but it's a little more. 1 thousand 650 dollars above the price of the pen Fountain Pen. You can pick up a leather case with pen. He will also have to pay an extra 500 dollars. But in that case, you will receive four free color cartridge.source:online news site.