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Dell Computer
A DELL computer company owned by Michael Dell started trading at1000 dollars just 19 years old!!
With the amount of sea salt in the world, there will be earth covered with a pile of salt 500 feet thick.
The world's second-highest peak in sea level estimated from the K-to-the mountains of Pakistan and China border. Height of 251 feet by 28 (8 thousand 611 meters).
Find out the name of the tall grass? Bamboo . This grass can be 130 feet long.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon feared than cats.
A human hair wash, brush or combing daily average of 70 150 fall.
Colored dream
After the invention of colored television viewing rates have been reduced from a human white black dream !!
Cicada fly
African cicada fly (cicada fly) 17 years spends asleep!! They have just two weeks after breaking up!! Their main job is to create!!
More than 70% of the total land area in the hills of Japan!! There are more than 200 volcanoes!!
People biting
Information on the amazing one, 1,600 people biting other people were injured in New York!!
source: online news site .