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             Your blood group characteristics

1. "o +" This blood group ... vision made transparent to humans, deeply concentrated, ambitious,             healthy, eloquent, realistic, is romantic and intelligent solutions.
2. "O-" People in this group are usually other the opinions expressed do not care. Eager to raise the          dignity of society, Dear ladies and the more talkative of the rich.
3. "A +" with this blood group people picking favorites, efficient Employee and is fastidious nature.        They are self-centered, good judges, cool, formal, trusted, disciplined and clear Clean.
4   "A-" people are very finicky nature of this blood group and somewhat inattentive.But Unnecessary    More careful about. These accusations against others than the trend.They hide Me baits and life of   boredom.
 "B +" This is the blood group of independent people, Talented, flexible, attentive, healthy, simple,      efficient, Planning plaintiff, realistic, emotion-prone and very Is more romantic.
6. "B-" People with this blood group incontinent, Irresponsible, lazy, selfish,messy,Inconsiderate and        have become vested.
7.     "AB +" This blood group is generally thoughtful people, done intelligent, computational, planning   plaintiff, honest Tactical sensitive, solid and very nice organizational Are.

8.    "AB-" mystical people of this blood group, powerless, Report a tendency to hurt others, Energy   shortages, too conservative and big are more sensitive. source: online news site.