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                        Bill Gates

He owns most of the property around the world. What is the amount of the property? A recent study says that over the next 200 years, the cost of the asset cannot be an end. Yes, Bill Gates is so much more than the amount of the property. 10 million dollars can be spent in each of the days still take forever Proteus savings. But Bill Gates 79 billion dollars a day that did not cost 790 million dollars to the cost of the property will take 218 years. The day of his three Pharaohs to buy. Currently the number is constantly growing Billionaire. Every day, 11 million dollars just to get the estimates of interest in Gates. Economic inequality has increased so much that the first 85 people in the world are all the property of the rich, if one can be removed, if the amount of its total assets stood equal the world's poor population. While Bill Gates spends in social activities. 2014 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he remained just have to spend $ 3 billion.source : online news site