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                         Strange laws

Children will not be able to buy cigarettes in Australia!! Because it is lawless!! But cigarette / can drag!! There are no barriers to!!
For driving in Thailand, you will read the shirt!! In other words, you cannot drive naked!!
America is an elephant chained Florida parking spot you, you will have to pay the parking fee for the elephant!!

Bail  wonderful. Reading by jumping from a tall building in New York is death.

Tiger Shark's kids while the mother's abdomen and started fighting with each other. It is born alive. Stayed in its die goes. Can taste the blood of a human body need to know how many mosquitoes? 1200000!

If you eat too much amount of carrots will leave some change in your intended!
Drink 100 cups of coffee in four hours, death is inevitable.

99% of the people when the password is a character by mistake immediately delete it with the backspace and re-typing.

Per minute to almost 20 million people watch porn.

Prevented by the sound of the car door is illegal in Switzerland.

Part of the back seat is the safest place for the aircraft. An average of 150 km a human child crawls before learning to walk.

Saudi Arabia is the flag at half mast, no conditions. It is because it is the Holy Word.
People can see the dark blue eyes.

The amount of carbon in your body that can be made with a pencil in 9000.

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