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   More severe effect on the brain due to sleep

None more sleep or less sleep is not conducive to mental health. Pay damages if there's little difference. We sleep a bit more peace of mind for a long time, and the rain cannot sleep due to normal sleep. Scientists warn that such practices sleep, sleep at harmful. A study of the University of London has seen, the amount of sleep is enough to affect mental health. Per day or less than six to eight hours of sleep is a waste of energy to the body, it has a detrimental effect on health. The researchers say more, the result is a gradual decrease in brain efficiency. Not only physical strength can be lost very quickly cause death. Scientists who study the brain's memory of some people, Logic trends,, fluency phonetics, phonology proficiency, language proficiency, and examined the levels of the universal mind, of whom there are seven to eight percent more than those who sleep six to eight hours. Levels above those scary injury or brain function. 5 sixth, 18 percent of them are men, who sleep in a drill. The researchers said, is more or less an average of seven hours of sleep a healthy time. This is often the ideal time to sleep, the less is more.
Senior researcher at Jane Ferry said, "we saw in the study of the brain, a severe impact on the less-than sleeping. The real evil is the middle man. This amount should be sleeping habits.
Source: Mail Online.


             Internet risky young learners

Adolescents who use the Internet for a long time every day, most of them are involved with risky behavior, according to a group of Canadian researchers at Queen's University. Additional studies conducted over the Internet user survey data on young learners, they said. The team members said Valerie Carson, four and a half hours per day, almost half of regular Internet users in risky behavior, signs of intoxication, including Found.Source: Internet .


           Smoke damage to the unborn baby

Smoking can damage the health of the smoker, but it is not. Approximately equal to the damage caused by smoking near any animals. Even the mother's womb, unborn baby to be protected from tobacco smoke gets that. Recently, a study by researchers at the University of British Nottingham watched, passive smoking has a child in the womb of the mother is at risk of harm. Smoking by pregnant women in particular, is not ok too. As a result, the unborn baby may not be too much risk. Pregnant mother took the indirect tobacco smoke, the unborn baby in the face of loss of bowel prep evenly. Researchers around the world have watched about 19 seconds of the test in the mother, as a result of passive smoking at home or at work, children at risk, and 13 percent to 3 percent of children born with severe. An expert in the UK said, "It is very important that pregnant women should know how secondhand smoke may harm their baby."South America, North America, Asia-Europe Outside special even pregnant mothers who do not smoke themselves, but indirectly from other smokers in the study were smoking, the researchers said. Research is being called the figures, more than 10 cigarettes a day is enough for coming to the baby at risk of loss. However, researchers also found the Nottingham University at the newly born baby smoking tobacco does not cause death. However, they say, the smoke is very risky for the baby.
 Source: BBC news.


                    Excessive Rainfall

Directly to the people for the heavy rainfall and Smith released a study has Responsible new. The research was recently published in the journal Nature. Rainfall in the northern region of India in recent year’s Hemisapeya Smith has been made on the basis of measurements. So far behind the natural law of the weather and climate change was responsible. But the new report, the man behind the change is playing an important role. The last century, from 1951 to 1999 in different areas .The average rain and snow has been measured each year, gradually increasing the amount. Because the human hand to cut trees and forests are too warm for the greenhouse effect is causing the increase. Weather and climate change, as well as logging the industrial toxic fumes. This seasonal flooding event. 
Source: The Times of India.


                         Strange laws

Children will not be able to buy cigarettes in Australia!! Because it is lawless!! But cigarette / can drag!! There are no barriers to!!
For driving in Thailand, you will read the shirt!! In other words, you cannot drive naked!!
America is an elephant chained Florida parking spot you, you will have to pay the parking fee for the elephant!!

Bail  wonderful. Reading by jumping from a tall building in New York is death.

Tiger Shark's kids while the mother's abdomen and started fighting with each other. It is born alive. Stayed in its die goes. Can taste the blood of a human body need to know how many mosquitoes? 1200000!

If you eat too much amount of carrots will leave some change in your intended!
Drink 100 cups of coffee in four hours, death is inevitable.

99% of the people when the password is a character by mistake immediately delete it with the backspace and re-typing.

Per minute to almost 20 million people watch porn.

Prevented by the sound of the car door is illegal in Switzerland.

Part of the back seat is the safest place for the aircraft. An average of 150 km a human child crawls before learning to walk.

Saudi Arabia is the flag at half mast, no conditions. It is because it is the Holy Word.
People can see the dark blue eyes.

The amount of carbon in your body that can be made with a pencil in 9000.

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