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             Poor Nepal Prime Ministers

Probably the same as the statesman. Nothing to resources. There are just two mobile phones. The great danger of the officials said. Statement of assets to meet the dangers to them. There is no other resource than the two cell phones. Be fooled! Personal information in accordance with the rest of the fields blank and submit to the Prime Minister's statement of assets. If the Prime Minister Sushil Koirala of Nepal. Principal Secretary in Nepal PTI news agency quoted the report, Sushil Koirala, known for simple living. He does not have any resources. There are only two cell phones. Chief Secretary pursuant Gautam told PTI on Saturday, according to the rules for submission to the Prime Minister made a statement of assets and had trouble with the concerned officials. There is no wealth statement to mention the Prime Minister. Spring Gautama commentary, "Koirala is no house, no land, and no investment. He has no car. No motorbikes. "Said the officer, 75-year-old prime minister has no gold or silver. There is no other property in his name. There are only two cell phones. Peasant Gautam said, "The two cell phone as the resources that we cannot mention. How to fill in the statement of assets, we are worried about it. "The official said, without specifying the circumstances, the assets of any such resources, they will submit a report. The state of the Prime Minister's personal data only. Koirala took over as Prime Minister of Nepal last month. Before the residence, he lived in a rented house on the outskirts of Kathmandu. For the President of the Nepali Congress party was rent. Prime Minister Koirala unmarried couple to live simply. Source : Nepal PTI news .