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                        Sleep reduce weight

Six to eight hours of sleep per night may be helpful to reduce the extra weight they say. Recently, Portland, Oregon USA Kaiser Permanent Center for Health Research, conducted a study of the diet and regular exercise, as well as the standard six to eight hours sleep at night, then after six months, or four and a half pounds of weight at least 10 kg may decrease. The research is published in the 'International Journal of obesity. In this regard, 'The Telegraph' newspaper report based on the Indian news agency PTI 'NEWS serves. Based on the 'The Hindu' newspaper has recently published a report. According to the report, Oregon, Portland, Kaiser Permanent Center for Health Research, and an average age of 55 years of research that obese men and women are to pick five hundred. The appreciation they attended counseling class. Five hundred calories to their daily diet are known to be restricted. More than three hours a week for them to exercise is called. Research time they keep a diary. They stress there with sleep there, writing practice and daily work. Seen after six months, 60 percent of the participants are at least 10 pounds of body weight fell by a fifth. The researchers analyzed their activities are sure to whom they had actually lost an average of six to eight hours sleep every night for six months. The study found that less stress dysfunction and an average of six months, six to eight hours sleep every night, they have around 10 lbs of weight loss goals. The number who slept six hours or less, and suffer more mental pressure, doubled their numbers. The authors of the research report said. Charles Elder said, people who want to lose weight, you should reduce their mental stress, such as the exact quantities should be resting. According to him, along with a controlled diet and exercise, sleep is not an option. At the 'Meditation' may be helpful. source : online news site.