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                        Lg flexibility Tv

Like paper thin TV panel to bring the two companies announced that LG Electronics products. They are so flexible that they can be effortlessly rolled into one-inch tube. According to a BBC report, the TV market is heterogeneous around 2017 institutions are expected to bring. LG According to the statement, the Ultra HD is a new kind of 'Roll the Ball' TV, 60 inch screen size. Consumer Electronic Show earlier this year on a sample of LG's first TV shows to their flexibility. According to experts, the flexible screen TV can be used in many different creative activities. 1 new flexible panel TV screens and the flexibility of the 1200-by-810 will regulation plastic rather than 'high-molecular - The material is based polyimide film' will be used because LG said. The second panel TV screens, as well as flexibility and transparency remain. LG themselves' transparent pixel design technology, using a transparent display reduced ambiguity. LG's heterogeneous, many thanks to the development of this TV has been the Trusted Reviews Editor Ivan crisps, the 2017 is really common customers in the market for this TV's price will be more than sufficient.
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