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              Laser - Cannon attack Pirate

Green color lasers - one of six types of defense to prevent piracy through the use of British scientists have discovered. Green laser at approximately one mile until the pirates will Beam eyes. For some time it would be in their eyes, they will not be able to see anything. As a result, they can not attack the target. Is expected soon to defend ships against pirates off the coast of Somalia, the system will begin commercial use. Defense equipment producers in British institutions bien Systems Laser - made weapons. Said company spokesman Roy Clark, 'This is a kind of laser weapons or reload the Cannon actually fake (dummy) as the sun. Will fall behind in the ship. Effective day and night at the Laser - cannon in front of the eyes that somebody would. They can not see anything. This pirate ship to defend against the use of the benefit. Clark went on to explain the reasons for the intense laser beam, do not see any of the pirates. They can not use the weapon. As a result, they fail to take possession of the ship target.
Source: BBC, Telegraph, Mail.