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           super chicken coming soon

His body may be infected with bird flu _ emphasized that no decisions have chickens for eggs or meat eating, they found the good news. By changing the types Genetic  British scientists are producing chickens. The risk of transmission of bird flu, the chicken or the egg will not be playing. Suparacikena in the name of the chicken. Research jointly by scientists at the University of Cambridge University and Edinburgh gave birth to a new kind of chicken. The research report has been published in the journal Science. In the report, the name of the bird flu panic spread worldwide. It Birdstipes  plagued by a spread of the organism. The infected birds or poultry - chicken meat or eggs infect humans are playing. Scientists seek to avoid disease is a genetic mutation in the new species are capable of bearing the chicken. However, scientists say the opposition procedure, a way to define it is to prevent bird flu. Chicken eggs and meat they produce GM way people urged to refrain from eating. A Research Group said. Lawrence tile the way to calculate the resistance as a result of the bird flu virus Farmers can avoid economic losses such as poultry - chicken meat or eggs, people are freed from the risk of playing the bird flu infection. Chickens produced in the body, will carry an additional gene, from which the attack of flu virus will protect the chickens. The genes of the embryo inside the egg is replaced circumstances.
Source: Daily Mail .