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                     Journey to Mars 2025

Mars in sending people to Mars is a nonprofit organization, has organized one in Holland. This work is moving forward swiftly Journey to Mars. CNN said in a report. One official told the recent Mars, Mars settle Lockheed Martin, Surrey Satellite Technology has started working in different institutions. If everything in the 2018 Robotic People without going to Mars will begin the process of sending. Since four out of 2025 applicants will begin to settle down there. One of the project's chief executive has a diameter of Mars Analysand-drop 10 December, in the year since it was published in April plans to send people to Mars found numerous human responses. Two million people have expressed the wish to settle Mars. The application process has already been done to mars. Two million suited astronaut applicants to choose from in the second phase will start soon, one of Mars.2023 people on the planet, but also the two-year delay in sending the plan to send the requesting organization. Mars before sending out all kinds of people - Mars one showed interest in seeing to. For the well-being of the residents living in the house at the Martin lakeside and Surrey Satellite Technology will research communication technologies. During the month of April this year mars 2023 3 people planning on sending and had to settle on Mars 'One'. Applications from people who want to settle mars the company was notified. Anyone over the age of 18 had the opportunity to apply to Mars. Conditions were firm ultimately selected four individuals will be arriving just mars will supply the necessary materials for their livelihood. The next time Mars explorers themselves to try to cope with the environment to survive there. Other people do not want to go to the Mayan world, one can easily overcome. But if the destination is Mars or elsewhere, he seems Calculation the other. Therefore, many people are encouraged to go, maybe mars. The 31 August was the last day of registration of persons interested in the mysterious The red planet. Nearly two million people in 140 countries in the world are applying for. The number of applicants from the top spot in the United States, China, Brazil and India.
sources : cnn online news