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                     Women Want Rich Husband

What women want, answer a scientific question, to speak of, no ideological Positive reply did not until today. Not merely a liability issue if someone does not go to edit. But suddenly, suddenly came into the discussion. The question has come up in the Reply with another round.  What's at the heart of the woman who Reply with response time, women want rich husbands. Declined along with the answers as  crime, evil and degrading women face came into consideration gender - aware individuals.However, it became known that the scientific test, women who is really wealthy Men vowed. London School of Economics researcher Dr. Catherine Khaki released Tuesday Research report that, in spite of the presence of women economically dependent on men _ an idea that would actually Of fiction. Most of the women are expected to get a rich husband. Even in 1940 - a trend in modern women's much more going on than a decade. Women who have a job to earn more than they want a man to marry them. Catherine said, Over four decades, women in the workplace - male gender equality and women's equality movement, even in the economically dependent on men 'trend' of it remained.
Dr. Catherine said his report for decades, gender - equality of women in the social movement for political reasons ashamed to admit it. But it is true that women are now more interested in going to a housewife rather than be a successful employee. Dr. Catherine Khaki has more, can be seen in a variety of positions dominated by big men. That's because most women do not want a long career. Many politicians and equal access of women and women in the workplace through - what do you think will be the equality of men in number. In fact, wrong. UK Center for Policy Studies, at 52-page report said. According to Catherine, in - in the framework of the United Kingdom and Spain more than in the previous experiments and Including Census survey data in different ways - through the study of data collection is completed. Have seen, yet a large part of women married alternative or complementary views of his career. Most of the educated and the rich men, married women are more interested than ever. Trends in Europe, the United States, can be of Across Australia.
Source: The Telegraph Online