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           British Parson Says Average Three Lies 

Normal lie (a lie that is not harmful to others) by saying that if life is a lot easier and Normal, the wrong one? British _ confusion folks. In a survey conducted recently on the data. It was found that, on average, every three people told lies to Britain. Survey, where are, what, and how many hours worked, or not worked, what kind of house _ rose to the severe beating that British adults do not feel wrong. According to a report in the Daily expressed.
Phan surveyed Twenty Century Home Entertainment. Three thousand women took part - male. One of them - more than a third of people said they were the work of a heavy mass of busy colleagues, friends, partners. They took refuge lies in daily life to prevent complications of the research. Showed 20 percent of their salary - About allowances are not telling the truth to others. Bogus that making money in the stock market hit the back of business people at 20 percent. Always leave the arena - to trim the false pretext of illness every 10 people filed for. One of the 10 people admitted, they took the opportunity to say a relative had died _ making. The funny thing is, when speaking about the most praise with previous partner said that it was not a close relationship. Women are more than one step ahead of them. They mostly denied closeness. Taken part in the survey quarter is acknowledged, they gave false information on job application experience. The present work has the qualifications to be exaggerated, but one of the 10. One - fifth acknowledged, the social network websites like Facebook and Twitter are increasingly written their own status. Giving false information to acknowledge the quarter guy. The spokesman said, "The two - thirds of people think they are false speech is not very efficient. But they're going to continue to lie even if the life is a little easier. "He said, 'It's worrisome that the majority of people more than others, lies with the people they love.
Source: The Daily Mail online.