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             Smoking Monk Sentenced To Prison

'Smoke poisoned" but the poison that addiction is a failure. Make sure to obtain health despite loss - infants ages addicted to the intoxication of this smoking? But social awareness, commitment smoker can stop smoking. The proper implementation of the law and may be effective in the role. Any person fright learns about the monks who smoke maybe, but not for the Mahabharata will become common. At all religion - is one of the restrictions. But the realities of the world left to abandon the addiction surrenders himself to God or God's company had profited. To many it is a little awkward to obey the rate of drug teacup cigarette. However, such an incident happened in reality. One of the monks has been caught smoking offending. Recently, one of Bhutan Buddhist community Novice monk (Monk) Anti-smoking laws violating the country's location Having to go to jail for a year. Police said the monk, not to mention the name of Bhutanese smokers at age 24 years. 72 found a pack of cigarettes from him.
A spokesman said that the minds of Bhutan, Bhutan smoke-free nation on earth. In such case, the people are really concerned. 2005 in the past this was a complete ban on cigarette company. But the India - Bhutan border is coming to our country for some cigarettes. Responsible for misuse of the tourist.
Bhutan kuensel newspaper said, the monks have been arrested on the 24 -year-old man, who was smoking.
source : Bhutan kuensel newspaper.