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   Diyalo Portraits Five Years Remaining In Britain

Portrait Oil painting released a servant that was sold to Qatar, it will be five years in Britain. The estimate is to be freed from bondage to any man the first British artist to paint the image. Sulieman eyeball dealer name Where British artist William drew the picture of a hard worker.
As a man and draw the same image with the African and Muslim artists to show respect. At the beginning of the eighteenth century aristocratic Muslim family, born in West Africa and sold as slaves took Diyalo against his clan. The British missionary and lawyer Thomas bleat educated and fluent in several languages diyalo Africa freed from his owner took Britain. He later became Britain, celebrities. One in a million 30 thousand 2009 pounds via auction image acquired Diyalo Qatar Museum Authority (Q MA). But considering the historical value of the film last year by the British authorities imposed a ban on export. Britain's National Portrait Gallery for placing images (N PG) started to collect funds. Qatar has offered to pay back the money they have. But for five years instead of the image are agreeing to lend q ma  Britain. Britain has the opportunity to keep going as a result of the image. In addition to Britain in 2013 different locations in the Qatari capital Doha will turn the image.
Source: BBC, The Guardian.