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                      Snake eating Crocodile

Tolerance varies with the nature of the event, Sunday People Australia has very surprised. Do not believe someone may have seen this phenomenon. A woman holds her camera snake eating an unbroken view of a crocodile. Australia does not compare to biodiversity. Endangered animals of this continent are lost yet. So Nature is still a surprise for many people in Australia! Over the last Sunday in Australia's Lake v a Crocodile suddenly a serpent round. Witnesses saw with surprise, almost a meter big cross has a serpent swallowing slowly. Cross tough and no one believed it to be the body of a snake cannot stomach. Tiffany Carlisle attended the scene. She has incredible views of the store's cameras. The north - east of 19 km far from the city of Mount Isa is famous for a Lake Moondarra Picnic. Every year, many people go there to picnic. Mount, Jesus residents and several people were seen Karl’s Tiffany feed the crocodile, snake! Several papers have been published in Australia, the snake, the crocodile eating news. In describing the incident Tiffany Carlisle Brisbane Times said, '' is unbelievable! We thought maybe Crocodile few bites cobra, with the leave do not eat. But the serpent ate cross! The serpent looks like Cyrus abdominal spines spines leg, legs will see this. "Pick your own pictures displaying the Tiffany words. Thus, the evidence in hand, do not believe there is opportunity!
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