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          Brains, Less after Intelligence less

Cars more wisdom? 20 thousand years ago, the ancestors of us that live on the earth or any successor to our present them to say? Will be happy to answer anyone's eyes closed _ 'us'. Whether they had anything to say on the matter! They did not give them the ability to think about, those of us who snuff _ Bad news for those with self-fulfillment; Ancestor more than we actually had brains. At least it is science - E says. Even scientists say, is the day we are more and more stupid! According to his report, a writer for Discover Magazine Catalonia Macalipha, 20 thousand years ago a man recently scientists
Check in with the scalp - after completing a three-dimensional model made it. As seen, the early human brain inside the skull of a half cubic centimeters in volume. But now one of our brain size of 350 cm, the last year of our brain size 20 of about 20 percent decrease. The entire religion of the whole world - h - class - group of people with a true brain. Women - men's did not have any change. Similarly the issue of women occurred in the smaller brains. That way we have smaller brains are actually stupid than our ancestors. Have argued against the theory. The argument of many, that means the smaller skull of human intelligence is decreasing day by day, it is not true. Getting smaller, it's exactly the opposite of increasing the efficacy of the brain. Dr. Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin. John Hawks of the section. What is the reason for smaller brains? What's the explanation? Others are hostile environments simply 'Solid - consolidated, eventually survive. And tough - Consolidated all brain size. However, due to changes in the environment or to reduce day to day struggle to survive has become easier. The loom has a modern and complex society, the greater the need to fight for the survival of the people fell. Brain size has gotten so tight. A big part of scientists say Katharine Tune; them to clear, and we are reducing the size of the brains _ Stupid from day to day are stupid. Source: The Daily Mail online.