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                       Sarnie Moon oxygen

RIA moon of Saturn - found on oxygen. Saturn second largest satellites at ice level Coagulation some of the oxygen in the air is compressed. Recently there asininity NASA spacecraft in the Space Research Organization has identified the existence of oxygen. The existence of life elsewhere in space outside the Earth or the human soul, the living environment is what the scientists in the search for many centuries old. Following the investigation of another planet recently solar world - satellite test - seeing more of the world outside - a place with some amount of water and oxygen necessary for life to exist found. RIA of Europa and the Jupiter _ Gyanimida
The two satellites have identified the existence of oxygen in the ice below. The same results Satellite Saturn Snowy matter as the researchers explained. San Antonio South West Research Institute researcher Ben Tulsa said, Ria, on the significance of the oxygen available. The idea is to look at the query Snowy other planets in outer space - satellites can be found the same results. In other words, the question of the environment to sustain life beyond Earth in search of the old era is going to be more positive.
However, the scientists say, the only planet in separately - the satellites have been able to identify the existence of ice or Coagulation oxygen. But somewhere in the environment as a whole will not be appropriate and useful life. Now would be the goal of finding an environment that is optimistic to continue searching. Source: Space Correspondent.