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                           Mirror Phobia

The woman's husband or friends happy, light - Slim shape and feel confident, go changed the women stood in front of the mirror. The reason is actually the weight of the mirror. Whatever the weight, women folks corpulent themselves in front of the mirror. According to a recent study. Found in Healthy 17 women, only one will actually believe yourself to be slim.
Two of 200 women - was the conclusion of researchers surveyed over men. What happens in front of the mirror is called the 12 two adjectives to describe the participants in the survey. Obese themselves, not Healthy think - and verify the survey. World slimed companies surveyed in the UK diet.
Looking in the mirror, according to the height of the weight of just 13 percent of women want to know exactly what to do to be happy in their replies. Six percent of the folks that own slime. Despite the weight of obese women, 17 percent Standard quality folks. Many of them stood in front of the mirror and think, they are more balanced than ever here. Survey participants, obese men rarely think of themselves as women. Only six percent think obese themselves. Men are responsible for their balanced Alcohol. Chocolate and women who are responsible. WORLD slimming Cyril Richards, managing director, said studies, women's confidence in the tried and weight. The men are much more realistic about their body, weight, whatever. To think about making women look in the mirror because the psychologist said. Sandra hurtles the women in the magazine, model and celebrity judges themselves.
Source: The Telegraph (UK) online.