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                 Yoga exercises side effects

Three-thousand-year-old yoga exercises have been published repeatedly speaks of quality. But maybe it's the fact that someone may have side effects that do not come Head. Researchers have recently had an article published in the scientific journal, the use of all types of unplanned Sick conventional yoga spine, bone joints and shoulders hurt. Studies conducted jointly by scientists of the United States and Germany, North America, 6 percent of patients due to their enthusiasm and interest in yoga exercises body Innovation decimal 1 patient advice. Lotus positions in the region, the sun and the breath of pranayama several popular butane. But found the perfect treatment for the disease because of the various types and patients suffered side effects.
Review of 76 patients seen by a number of scientists, who were advised to exercise, added to each, and 9 of them had filled only 15 patients were partially healed. The 7 patients muscle and spine problems, neurological problems, and 9 in 14 people suffer from eye problems. One patient died. Others said, adding exercise any Benefit misses him.
According to doctors, patients and physicians are advised to exercise supervision in accordance with the exercise Yoga guru. The yoga guru does not understand the needs of the patient imposes additional exercises, which are extremely harmful for the body.
Source: Times of India.