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               Claimed ownership of the sun

The world has the resources, have the property. One or more of its own. But tens of thousands remain scattered, so that the space - million stars, planets and the satellite's owner! Yes, finally our solar world 'sun' a demanding ownership of the stars found. Angles Duran, a woman claimed Gallic in Spain, he was the owner of the Sun. Local Notary public office in his hometown, and he is registered as the sun's own property. Duran said on Friday itself. Duran told the Spanish daily newspaper El Man ado, he got to know through the magazine, one of America's most With the Moon Solar world planet - satellite owned by the registry. Shortly after, he took the initiative to become the owner of the Sun in September. Duran said, there is a great deal of international stars and planets of ownership. It has been said, no country can claim ownership of a planet or a star. But a person cannot be the owner of these issues has not been told anything.
Duran said, 'I've claimed ownership of the sun. That nobody could do it. But I've had before. "Notary Public Declaration has been called, "about 14 million about 96 million kilometers away from Earth Duran the sun, the stars, the owner will be announced." Duran is currently living in Spain Alabaster double minor. He did not just claim to Ownership Sun, she is thinking Earnings money. To those of the Sun - benefits from them will pay the fees paid Duran said. Source: Afp.