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Workload, and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in women

Workload of women at increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Among those are a lot more pressure at work, among them the risk of heart disease is expected to rise to 40 percent in a recent study, researchers have claimed. City Brigade Ham and Women's Hospital in Boston, said the researchers, 88 percent up at peak load may increase the risk of heart attack. May increase the risk of stroke and heart bypass surgery Artery. The study was presented at the American Heart Association, the. Researchers have identified this as a kind of mental illness Pressure work. To stress at work or creative skills in limited time to make important decisions were meant to exploit the content. Job insecurity may increase Pressure referred to in this research. Pressure increases the flow of hormones like adrenaline and Kart sale they said. Harmful effect on the cardiovascular procedure. Pressure may be due to increased levels of inflammation may contribute to the vascular body fat, which may occur due to problems Induced heart. May increase the risk of high blood pressure and obesity. Researchers of 17 415 people over 10 years of research efforts on healthy women. The problem is generally considered Heart disease men ignore the women were referred to experts in the field. The emphasis of the research was based on the workload of the men. In addition to evidence of cardiovascular disease, such as _ back pain, chest burns, abdominal discomfort, nausea, fatigue -like symptoms rarely seen in women. Becomes difficult to identify due to the disease. The disease is often diagnosed too late. Said researcher Dr Michelle Albert, Heart health term impact on the workload. 'Inattentiveness workload, illness and disability can occur. This may reduce women's productivity and competitive attitude.
However, new studies have been criticized. Instead of unhealthy behavior such as smoking and alcohol work load critics blame. These practices help people to deal with the workload they had claimed. Meanwhile, no manner affect the workload of the body and increase the risk of heart disease, the study did not explicitly mention it to Mark Allen Mason of the British Heart Foundation Of heart disease nurses.
Source: BBC.