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             The church made a Great Mistake

Using the wrong declaration of marriage because marriage was invalid in England more than 10 million. Church lawyers had admitted using the wrong words. Couples who have crossed 30 years of conjugal life
caused suffering now going to read. Church of England marriage had taught them. This news was published last Wednesday. Britain's Supreme Court last week filed by a woman named Katrina ryadamyacara verdict was a legacy. Teaching on marriage in the context of the judgment, the priest caught the mistake. Church members General Synod is a description of the facts are known. According to the Marriage Law of 1949 in the UK, a week before the wedding at the church wedding, the declaration must be read three times.
166 will read the Proclamation of The Book of Common Prayer, taken from a part. If anyone has any objections to the declaration of marriage, it is not mentioned. But the Church of England ' Alternative Service Book, compiled in 1980 as a new ' Prayer Chest ' creates new marriage policy. Did not follow the original rule. As a result, according to the law of the Church since 1980, has been taught to think that the Church's lawyers rejected the marriage.
There is now the possibility that the marriage is invalid as the married couples who did not in the least excuse to _ or supporting companion show can leave without any assistance. According to Hindu marriage customs in England, musician and actor Mick jigger not married to model Jerry hall defective took refuge at the beginning; the Church has the potential to create situations that lawyers are considered. Britain's Prince even going to be married next spring marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton may become invalid unless the legal system, any change in the Church of England’s parliament. The Church of England's top lawyer, said Timothy Branden, the declaration of marriage lessons were informal, yet the Act of 1949 is a clear clause in the protection of marriage, the incorrectly after marriage if both parties' firm belief enters into, then their marriage will last. However, there is some debate as to his interpretation.  Source: internet