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            Drivers comply with the law program of Roses

China, South - western Sichuan province has started to aware driver’s dajaho City Police Administration Automotive fancy programs. Beautiful women police officers to drivers in breach of traffic laws is small roses remind compliance with the law. Police officials say the city, 'Belle officials' Roses will be aware of the drivers driving safely. A police spokesman said, "As a result of the program, drivers can easily understand the importance of complying with the law. Without it, the mind can be our message. We think that, more than any other methods will affect drivers in the program than the beauty of roses. 'Taken part in the campaign for women police officers in age from 25 to 45 years. The local public security department and the city are being implemented at the initiative of the Women's Association. By the end of December and one million one hundred thousand roses Arm bracket driver have been caught in the distribution target levels.
Source: Orange online.