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                  Mobile Phone Ban for young girl

An unmarried young woman in the Ballia district of Utter Pradesh in India on the use of mobile phones has been banned. District Council has taken the initiative in order to marry outside the community. Local media reported Wednesday that the claims. 23 pairs of species in the Northern Province fled last year to get married outside. A man by the name of Jatin Kolkata telegraphic redundancy said, '_ mobile phones because they are guaranteed by the Gram Panchayat are planning to escape.' Tiyagi gram Panchayat spokesperson Satish said, "Unmarried girls cannot use the mobile phone to take the necessary measures to ensure that all parents - his father was called. The guys will be able to use mobile phones. In that case, the mother of a boy talking on mobile phone - will keep an eye on your father. 'Although the practice is banned breeds in remote areas of India still have a record, strictly follow the tradition. Source: Afp