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                       Speak to dead people

Coming on the website of the United States such virtual software, which allows family member want to talk on Skype with dead people.
University of Massachusetts Technology Development program Enter preparation names of this website 'itarani dot me. After the death of a man on this website is the digital reconstruction. The living conditions of the people in the chat logs, social networking data, images, memories, and his manner of people via email that can be made. According to the website, and collect all the information generated during the lifetime of the complex, using artificial intelligence Elagaridam the restructuring. There will be created a new character. That would be his position, whose personality will match exactly with the character of the dead man. Talking with you, given the data, everything that can advise on any new character. This is a Skype, the chat from the past.
From now until 24 hours after the live website of 36 website page views and 13 of the Registration of e-mail.
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