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                    Successful dog Momo

Armed forces or police dogs used to support the old antique. Criminals, victims, weapons or drugs always help the police coming in to find out the burly German shepherd dog breeds in appearance. But I was startled everyone, canine species have evolved very little Chihuahua dog. Seven-year-old girl from Japan Momo names behind the dogs, police dogs, the Chihuahua Giant 'search and rescue' experiments have been passed. Since January he will start coming to work with the police. Rather surprised by the success of the police forces concerned momo. Their commentary, such a record of success in Japan is not just a dog, perhaps the whole world for the first time.
Police memo only three kg of weight. This species is about the size of a small house dog plus people are just hobbies. The use of police dogs there. 'Search and rescue' operations, such as the use of dogs or success until today there is no precedent. Steps to reproduce the test at a stage in the event of an earthquake, there are tests available to Rescue. There one can find in Poverty stricken Momo is just five minutes. Local media have said, the success of the police forces Momo everyone was startled. According to police sources, a total of 70 varieties of dogs in the last 12 November took part in the experiments. The two dog’s Momo total 3 is passed.
Source: The Japan Times