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                  Copper mine and 'Buddha'

Today, nearly two thousand years before 600. The link between the eastern and western parts of Asia, the Silk Road trade route alongside the famous Buddhist monks did build a place of worship. Considering the location of places on the map of Afghanistan’s eastern Lager geographic present messes Ayanaka State. Recently, there is a Chinese company to mine copper mines were discovered after starting Archaeologist about half a hundred Buddha statues. China copper mining company responsible for the Metallurgy Group - nemesis expected to be raised to 2011 since they are in full swing. But a few days ago after getting out of the mine workers underground temple ruins of Buddhist statues were rescued and given the responsibility for maintenance, A team of French and Afghan geologizing expert. For the government to remove the vocal patterns during the three years of Rephaim emesis Kuju. But researchers say
At the invaluable historical patterns take away untouched for three years is not enough time. Emesis hankie started digging when the whole pattern expressed concerns that they may be destroyed. Emissary authorities say, the worlds second largest copper mine in the area. In all, 60 million tons of copper can be extracted. The experts in charge of finding geologizing must rid said, so far they've got half saran more Buddha statues. Some of these are so large that, in a short time cannot be removed by any means. There are many patterns as there are so many maticapa believe them. Archaeologist says, lie in the area of about two square kilometers out of the excavated area of the temple is 10 years kicking diverse.
Source: Daily Mail online.