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                      Celebrity guest for Rent

Hollywood celebrity guests with money to Britain for a long time, especially the famous actors - actresses Family Festival - event 'Guest' has handed down as renting. Indian Bollywood actors in the business - the actress, not backward. Bollywood actors Shah Rukh Khan, the actress, the function of the lumbar minis go and exchange money. And pretending that he was a tenant in the event that the organizers chose their very close relatives or close friends. The organizers have done a ceremony in Mumbai, India Marriage-related count cost of at least five million pounds. It is too expensive to keep the celebrity guests to rent.
However, there are several reasons to hire a celebrity behind. Is significant because, if the organizers of the value of celebrities present at the event - leads to dignity. Is called, is a thing to be proud of. The other guest celebrities, their close relatives or cousins in front of the organizers – cousin brothers and sister - who identify as sisters. Besides, the famous celebrity magazines - the claim is printed. The event ran at the beginning when celebrities do not have any chance. The nature of the wedding ceremony, the groom standing next to celebrity’s tenants - the bride or guests can take pictures, and shake hands _ which cannot otherwise be possible Guests at the event, event management personnel in charge of renting the Hindustan Ties magazine acknowledged. They said, as a guest to rent a fairly popular Actress takes seven thousand pounds. Exceeded 70 thousand pounds can no longer be the case Popular.
Source: The Guardian (UK)