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            The Exercise disease is less cold

Cold illnesses regular exercise - is less operating. Scientists are claiming, exercise helps increases the body resistance. This disease - the prevalence of the infection is more secure than the people A group of researchers at North Carolina State University in Appalachian reach conclusions on the research efforts of one thousand people. It takes two to five years for an adult human is usually cold. However, as a result of regular exercise have been shown to have decreased by about half the risk of the common cold. Recently researchers' British Journal of Sports Medicine said in a. usually, the amount of adult people can reduce the amount of fruit eaten cold. But the important thing is, how much exercise a person depends on having her healthy. Those studies have been run, autumn and winter, a total of three months, the number of times they have been chilled or shortness of breath, his record is to be kept. 20 minutes of exercise in addition to the three months through the body with sweat eat them - drinking, physical activity has not been any work on them etc. is asked. These things affect the body's immune system. It is seen that there is five or more days of the week have physical exertion or exercise, in three months they've experienced the cold for about five days. And those who did little or no exercise, they've experienced in the cold at 9 days. Source, BBC online.