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                           Flamingo Makeup

Since ancient times, people are attracted to the opposite sex to try to present himself Attire been developed. Men and women to attract the ' makeup ' paddle the rise day by day. What happens at the Creature in the world? According to scientists, the case is very aware of water bird Flamingo. Breeding season to make the partner of the opposites before they appear Flamingo affords the new. Tails remain to the salivary glands is the oil that makes the feather clad themselves interesting. At the head of their long lip helpful. After a long three- year monitoring data at the group of scientists in Spain Deanna Biological Station. These studies were conducted on wetlands Flamingo in southern Spain. ‘Bibliographical Ecology and Sociology Biology' names in their research article in a journal have been published recently. Mentioned article , the scientists observed the bird breeding season arrives just before Flamingo reddish feathers smooth and tidy in order to make their work better . He is making all the dirty feathers with its long beak. And they have tails salivary glands of the oil out. The lip of the oil on his chest, abdomen, back and neck were coated with nearby flock. After rubbing the lips and makes of feathers clean and bright. This is often done in a few throughout the month during the breeding birds. That would be much more interesting, she is more likely to use this oil. The women - the wives of both men's and depleting of Flamingo job cuts, but it is more common. According to scientists, the main component of the brightness and color variations in plumage bird food. Flamingo is getting it. However, the additional advantage is that the oil from glands nears their tails she could find, also works as a pigment. ‘Carotene known as' the organic pigments is not clear, it becomes white when dried. Was a member of the Research Group? Juan lammed said, 'We Flamingo bright colors fade earlier than birds could collect partner.  The Raise attracts the opposite sex. Source: The Telegraph