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    Electrical leads the sake of mathematical skills

The techniques of mathematics to eliminate inefficiency, scientists have found. They watched a recent study, human brain, when properly givens mild electric shock as mathematics or the number of theoretical increases brain efficiency. But that shock is not the right way, then the opposite. Research scientists at the Department of Psychology at the University of Oxford UK experimental Runs. Research results have been published in the November 4, Current Biology journal. Scientists at the 20 - and 21-year-old 15 student research efforts. Some numerical tests are taken by students in the sample. It is seen; a much faster and can give accurate figures. During the test Two - thirds of the students in the back of the head near the brain (parietal lobes) and the other students were given mild electric shock Cable electricity connections are fake heads. It can be seen, whose brain had been given electric shocks, they have done a quick time and accurately diagnose and mathematical statistics. Source: BBC and The Independent i