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          Treat computers as efficient little bees

A small amount of the bee brains _ tiny little grass -the same seeds. This tiny brain can do complex calculations to lost count of the modern computer - skills! University of London Royal halo era such a study, the scientists said. How a bee to the flower, how many places to turn round Spiral extracting honey. What, then, he are just the most minimal way back to his beehive. Studies, gender unknown visit returned home from a tour of different honey bee little brain to draw up assort path to the right and choose not absolutely wrong. Thus, the gender of the worker bee, but in a modern Salespeople the most concise way to turn back to the original place to select the path will not be an easy task for him. Compare all the way into the modern computer salespeople look at the potential of what can turn briefly to the original place. With the help of modern technology, easy and short way to get out of that wasted its time trying Salespeople is much easier than a bee could come back to its original destination. Royal halo era scientist. Nigel Rhine said, ' We have the computer - controlled study carried out in the trap with some artificial flowers. Surprise, we found that after the discovery of the location of any flower _ Beekeeping save time and effort can quickly choose the correct and most concise way. ‘According to the Rhine, but the tiny bee brain is able to convince the behavior of the computer. Modern Life of the Internet Information, Business supply chain network and the traffic flow is stuck on the net. For easy transition from the world of war crafts in bee researchers are analyzing the feasibility of applying. Research this week, the American Naturalist ' will be published in the Journal.  Source: The Guardian.