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First show your love of reading emotional women - men are not most speech, considerable research, scientists have proved it. They say, love is always enough to one fifth of a second location. After the first visit with the young man during the passion of the hormone into the blood flood flows, as the effect stronger propensity of cocaine. In their study, the researchers gave the name Syracuse in ' Love nerves image ’. Studies find they fall in love with the feelings of the two parts of the brain affect 12. Dopamine, aneitasina, adrenaline and bhasopresana names of four hormone hyper secretion Body - seems to be a good spread. Both strongly feel the tension. And this comparison ranging Chemistry with cocaine to be strong. Research Group of Prof. Stephanie aratrig says ,they've got to answer the research question through the ancient one .People fall in love with the heart , brain , or is it just the game ?Stephanie says , actually both true . Love in the nervous system, together with the upper and downward _ is two types of response .The hormone secreted by the brain to influence someone's chest felt nervous. Somebody might think again underscores _abdomen dancing butterflies. These brain effects on the heart. But the study found, love fire roasted women - men in the nervous system, increases blood pressure, a lot more than usual. This became highly sensitive nerves. Effects on brain heart Stephanie languages. Stephanie said , "Why and how people fall in love , if love again totes for understanding why it is so difficult of this study .We got to the fruit , the heartbroken women - will be helpful in the treatment of men hope . Source: Online news.