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Pride and Prejudice costs half million pounds

Romantic novel written by Jane Austen, 'Pride and prejudice's worldwide reputation. The story is based on the movie. A copy of the first edition of the novel has been sold at auction last Saturday, One million 39 thousand of its original price of 50 pounds _ more than a half million times. Pride and Prejudice was first published in 1813. He was only 18 shillings Three sections its price, which is currently equal to 90 Pennies. The Daily Mail newspaper said, two million copies of the book have been sold. Pride and Prejudice the other day auction of more than 148 books. London auction house sold three million 10 million pounds of books from soundbite. Be sold in the other book was Charles Dickens' A Christmas Kara lee, a copy of the first version. It has sold 250 million pounds of 81. First published in 1847, Emily bran ' Withering heights' novel has sold 50 million pounds of 63. In addition, a collection of poems by William sparer has sold one million 35 thousand and 50 pounds. A copy of the version that was published in 1640. Charles Darwin's 'On the Origin of the species ' sold one million 7 thousand and 50 pounds.  Source: The Daily Mail.