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    Electrical leads the sake of mathematical skills

The techniques of mathematics to eliminate inefficiency, scientists have found. They watched a recent study, human brain, when properly givens mild electric shock as mathematics or the number of theoretical increases brain efficiency. But that shock is not the right way, then the opposite. Research scientists at the Department of Psychology at the University of Oxford UK experimental Runs. Research results have been published in the November 4, Current Biology journal. Scientists at the 20 - and 21-year-old 15 student research efforts. Some numerical tests are taken by students in the sample. It is seen; a much faster and can give accurate figures. During the test Two - thirds of the students in the back of the head near the brain (parietal lobes) and the other students were given mild electric shock Cable electricity connections are fake heads. It can be seen, whose brain had been given electric shocks, they have done a quick time and accurately diagnose and mathematical statistics. Source: BBC and The Independent i


                     All mail from Hotmail 

G mail from Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Microsoft has introduced inbox viewing. According to the company, who is using multiple email addresses, separate them for testing all Address inbox mail logs - in the. Hotmail users can check mail in one of the facilities that we've launched. Through the facilities of the new Hotmail, G mail, and e -mail inbox test Yahoo well as all other functions can be found in the mail. Hotmail settings and options for the use of the new facility to the users of other mail client address and a password will be valid. Hot Mail the log - log in with another Mail the - will be in the mail that can check through and pop convenience.  Source: online


            The Exercise disease is less cold

Cold illnesses regular exercise - is less operating. Scientists are claiming, exercise helps increases the body resistance. This disease - the prevalence of the infection is more secure than the people A group of researchers at North Carolina State University in Appalachian reach conclusions on the research efforts of one thousand people. It takes two to five years for an adult human is usually cold. However, as a result of regular exercise have been shown to have decreased by about half the risk of the common cold. Recently researchers' British Journal of Sports Medicine said in a. usually, the amount of adult people can reduce the amount of fruit eaten cold. But the important thing is, how much exercise a person depends on having her healthy. Those studies have been run, autumn and winter, a total of three months, the number of times they have been chilled or shortness of breath, his record is to be kept. 20 minutes of exercise in addition to the three months through the body with sweat eat them - drinking, physical activity has not been any work on them etc. is asked. These things affect the body's immune system. It is seen that there is five or more days of the week have physical exertion or exercise, in three months they've experienced the cold for about five days. And those who did little or no exercise, they've experienced in the cold at 9 days. Source, BBC online.

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Pride and Prejudice costs half million pounds

Romantic novel written by Jane Austen, 'Pride and prejudice's worldwide reputation. The story is based on the movie. A copy of the first edition of the novel has been sold at auction last Saturday, One million 39 thousand of its original price of 50 pounds _ more than a half million times. Pride and Prejudice was first published in 1813. He was only 18 shillings Three sections its price, which is currently equal to 90 Pennies. The Daily Mail newspaper said, two million copies of the book have been sold. Pride and Prejudice the other day auction of more than 148 books. London auction house sold three million 10 million pounds of books from soundbite. Be sold in the other book was Charles Dickens' A Christmas Kara lee, a copy of the first version. It has sold 250 million pounds of 81. First published in 1847, Emily bran ' Withering heights' novel has sold 50 million pounds of 63. In addition, a collection of poems by William sparer has sold one million 35 thousand and 50 pounds. A copy of the version that was published in 1640. Charles Darwin's 'On the Origin of the species ' sold one million 7 thousand and 50 pounds.  Source: The Daily Mail.


                 Human or Robotics Human

Bionic Manor is a very old idea. A dream of science fiction writers, people, and real people are much more than a machine to be built on a combination of performance and powerful entity. Scientists to advance that dream of reality, much of the war .Change or combination with robotic parts or organs damaged through normal weakness of winning also now available. The only organ -Organ limit has run out of bound. Next day the man with the machine can is hair-splitting. The sin Million Dollar Man, the Matrix or brave new world of becoming an instrument of the people itself. And since it will be possible in the 100. Classics and history professor at Stanford University in the UK, said Ian Morris, so let psi - come see Sci - Fi Movie Automaton images can be viewed at one time to be in front of it. And you do not need to wait too long for. The whole world will come under technology. The world of the new East - West or rich- poor countries _ the concert will not be any division. Technology will become so engrossed in the world, integrating with equipment .Instead of war, robotic human scales. Nowadays, they are infinitely powerful and devastating than normal Human army will power. This time he will not have any need to use nuclear weapons. Each Army becomes severe as the devastating missiles. In addition, a large computer and the human brain are linked with each other through .Anyone that has any side in the world, the entire world will be aware of the information. Professor Ian Morris said the last 50 years occurred in the social development of the previous 15 years, almost double. The development of the 2050 in the next 50 years will be twice than now. Changes occurred in the last 100 years than in the previous one hundred years humans much more than change. The next 100 years will be a lot more. Nanotechnology as a catalyst for the change in the role of a prime. The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has started work in the meantime. Instead they Silicon enzymes in animals and DNA-based computer technologies work. Said Ian Morris, nanotechnology could bring about a revolutionary change in the task. If successful, powerful people really like science fiction robotic human characters, and the destructive power of becoming invincible. But the question is, what the device will be destroyed, humanity will defeat? What instruments will protect humanity, or he will destroy Man its creator?      Source: The Daily Mail online.


          Treat computers as efficient little bees

A small amount of the bee brains _ tiny little grass -the same seeds. This tiny brain can do complex calculations to lost count of the modern computer - skills! University of London Royal halo era such a study, the scientists said. How a bee to the flower, how many places to turn round Spiral extracting honey. What, then, he are just the most minimal way back to his beehive. Studies, gender unknown visit returned home from a tour of different honey bee little brain to draw up assort path to the right and choose not absolutely wrong. Thus, the gender of the worker bee, but in a modern Salespeople the most concise way to turn back to the original place to select the path will not be an easy task for him. Compare all the way into the modern computer salespeople look at the potential of what can turn briefly to the original place. With the help of modern technology, easy and short way to get out of that wasted its time trying Salespeople is much easier than a bee could come back to its original destination. Royal halo era scientist. Nigel Rhine said, ' We have the computer - controlled study carried out in the trap with some artificial flowers. Surprise, we found that after the discovery of the location of any flower _ Beekeeping save time and effort can quickly choose the correct and most concise way. ‘According to the Rhine, but the tiny bee brain is able to convince the behavior of the computer. Modern Life of the Internet Information, Business supply chain network and the traffic flow is stuck on the net. For easy transition from the world of war crafts in bee researchers are analyzing the feasibility of applying. Research this week, the American Naturalist ' will be published in the Journal.  Source: The Guardian.

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Russia will create its own computer operating system

Windows have taken the initiative to create its own operating system and reduce its dependence on Russia. Russia says strategist, "We are eager to reduce its dependence on U.S. technology .Data - Consider safety and so has decided to create its own operating system.”Russian computer expert panomarebha says, ' We want to be independent from Windows. But this does not mean that we'll be open source-based operating system linannirbhara. To create our own operating system is the most suitable for this. 'Russia's government will invest 49 million dollars to build the operating system is said to be. Source: afp


                           Flamingo Makeup

Since ancient times, people are attracted to the opposite sex to try to present himself Attire been developed. Men and women to attract the ' makeup ' paddle the rise day by day. What happens at the Creature in the world? According to scientists, the case is very aware of water bird Flamingo. Breeding season to make the partner of the opposites before they appear Flamingo affords the new. Tails remain to the salivary glands is the oil that makes the feather clad themselves interesting. At the head of their long lip helpful. After a long three- year monitoring data at the group of scientists in Spain Deanna Biological Station. These studies were conducted on wetlands Flamingo in southern Spain. ‘Bibliographical Ecology and Sociology Biology' names in their research article in a journal have been published recently. Mentioned article , the scientists observed the bird breeding season arrives just before Flamingo reddish feathers smooth and tidy in order to make their work better . He is making all the dirty feathers with its long beak. And they have tails salivary glands of the oil out. The lip of the oil on his chest, abdomen, back and neck were coated with nearby flock. After rubbing the lips and makes of feathers clean and bright. This is often done in a few throughout the month during the breeding birds. That would be much more interesting, she is more likely to use this oil. The women - the wives of both men's and depleting of Flamingo job cuts, but it is more common. According to scientists, the main component of the brightness and color variations in plumage bird food. Flamingo is getting it. However, the additional advantage is that the oil from glands nears their tails she could find, also works as a pigment. ‘Carotene known as' the organic pigments is not clear, it becomes white when dried. Was a member of the Research Group? Juan lammed said, 'We Flamingo bright colors fade earlier than birds could collect partner.  The Raise attracts the opposite sex. Source: The Telegraph

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                         New on Myspace

The journey begins with the new social networking site MySpace. In this new version of the website were launched, with music and entertainment to MySpace dominates. Social communication facilities as well as give users the opportunity to use the Content in Entertainment-based initiatives MySpace chief executive Mike Jones said. Face book to compete with the new website, as well as to increase their income as well as the company decided to release user data to advertisers. MySpace spokesperson said, "Some of the personal information provided to our advertisers will. Source: Afp


                     cocaine Love

First show your love of reading emotional women - men are not most speech, considerable research, scientists have proved it. They say, love is always enough to one fifth of a second location. After the first visit with the young man during the passion of the hormone into the blood flood flows, as the effect stronger propensity of cocaine. In their study, the researchers gave the name Syracuse in ' Love nerves image ’. Studies find they fall in love with the feelings of the two parts of the brain affect 12. Dopamine, aneitasina, adrenaline and bhasopresana names of four hormone hyper secretion Body - seems to be a good spread. Both strongly feel the tension. And this comparison ranging Chemistry with cocaine to be strong. Research Group of Prof. Stephanie aratrig says ,they've got to answer the research question through the ancient one .People fall in love with the heart , brain , or is it just the game ?Stephanie says , actually both true . Love in the nervous system, together with the upper and downward _ is two types of response .The hormone secreted by the brain to influence someone's chest felt nervous. Somebody might think again underscores _abdomen dancing butterflies. These brain effects on the heart. But the study found, love fire roasted women - men in the nervous system, increases blood pressure, a lot more than usual. This became highly sensitive nerves. Effects on brain heart Stephanie languages. Stephanie said , "Why and how people fall in love , if love again totes for understanding why it is so difficult of this study .We got to the fruit , the heartbroken women - will be helpful in the treatment of men hope . Source: Online news.

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                         Google say sorry

'Street View ' Mapping Services Internet users to collect data for the e - mail and password are stored. Through the protection of personal information and apologized for being inconvenience Google. Google Vice President of Engineering and Research Alan said, we're considered the issue of being unable to protect the safety of user’s .We is trying to solve quickly. Source: afp