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                      99,999 Red Roses

Love to make people happy, that they do. Special occasion when he tried to favorite people in front of himself Limitless ways unforgettable. China's Xiao Wang gave evidence of the same. The bride's wedding day is one year's salary cost of 99 999 red roses presented liuke Xiao said. China's central province of Chongqing Xiao and liuya wedding ceremony was held. China 999 number ' Happy ' is considered. 30 are reached by car Flowers are wedding ceremony. These cars do gig and carts decorated with flowers left at the 4 -year -old twins Internet advertising. From the other end of the country to bring Flowers are. Xiao said the event is a boon to me, ' this is especially liked Roses are Liu. I was thinking about this from a lot of organizing. The expression on his face while watching the cars decorated with flowers would also highly value.Source: Internet