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                    Magic contraceptive pill

The new type of birth control pills has been given marketing approval in the United States. Sexual intercourse lasted a maximum of five days drugs will work. Ella pill name. French pharmaceutical company HRA Parma’s manufacturer. U.S. federal health officials this week it has been approved. Ella has asked me to review manufacturing company, is currently the most widely used in the ' Plan B ' the emergency birth control pill effective after more than sexual intercourse. When ate in three days of sexual intercourse, the highest ' Plan B ' effective results. Ella and eaten in five days, but gives effective results. U.S Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of Territory just birth control prescriptions. As a result of the approval of the drug to be sold in the market. However, it is already licensed in Europe. The United States will deal with the marketable New Jersey based medicine HR Watson Pharmaceuticals market. Watson said, it is the end of this year will be on the market. Experiments found that 1.8 percent of women likely to become pregnant and their adoption of Ella. Plan B at the possibility of taking the case 2 .6 percent. Researchers test run of one thousand 700 women. Family Research Council Pregnant groups opposed to marketing in the United States had succeeded. Their claims, the chemical structure around the abortion pill is used for. However, the party of abortion rights groups has welcomed the decision of the FDA. Source: Daily Mail